10 Delicious Foods From Northern Nigeria That Will Make Your Mouth Water

We are familiar with many of the dishes from Southern Nigeria. Other than Tuwo Shinkafa, Kilishi, Suya, many Nigerians are in the dark about most food from the North.

Let’s remedy that by showcasing the best 10 foods from Northern Nigeria you’d find around:

  1. Miyan Kubewa
    This soup is made from dried okra and is usually served with Tuwo Shinkafa or Dawa.

  1. Miyan Taushe
    This is made from pumpkin, groundnut and sorrel leaves, garnished with meat and fish. It is usually served with Tuwo Shinkafa (moulded rice balls).

  1. Danwake
    This is a dumpling made from beans and ground baobab leaves. It is usually served with a spicy sauce or lemon.

  1. Burabisko
    This is couscous that is made in many parts of Northern Nigeria. It is usually served with spicy meat and vegetable sauce.

  1. Miyan Kuka
    This soup (miyan) is made from dried Kuka (baobab) leaves and dried okro. It is also served with any of the Tuwo (Shinkafa, dawa etc.).

  1. Tuwo Shinkafa
    This is a rice meal that is rolled into balls. It is the Northern equivalent of pounded yam or Eba. It is eaten with most kinds of soups (miyan).

  1. Miyan Karkashi
    This soup is made from ground sesame leaves. It is often served with Tuwo Dawa or any other Tuwo of your choice.

  1. Pate Acha
    This Acha porridge. Acha is called Fonio. This delicacy calls for soft bones, sorrel, spinach, cabbage and yaji seasoning.

  1. Masa
    This is made from rice, shaped into a ball. The ball is then fried. It is reminiscent of puff-puff from the South.

  1. Suya (Tsire)
    Everyone is familiar with the roasted meat which is often served with onions, pepper, cabbage or tomatoes.

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