12 Things Every Student Understands About Examinations


After writing examinations for a while (and still writing, for some), there are some things we’ve learnt so far.

I mean, when you think of the number of exams you’ve taken in your life, you must have stories and lessons learnt from each one.


1. That you are a celebrity when you finish first

2. That you’re likely writing rubbish when this happens

3. That you should read instructions to avoid stories like this

4. That examination respects no one

5. That if your eye jams the invigilator’s, you have to act normal 

6. That sometimes luck can shine on you

7. That this should be an actual thing

8. That cheating formation has been helping students since 1908

9. That those examples taught in class are never the same as the D-day

10. That food may help the invigilator sleep at anytime

11. That questions that look like family trees are the worst

12. That 5 minutes more is the worst thing ever

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