20-yr-old pregnant maid dies 4 days after being employed

Nigerian police kaybaba

20-year-old girl, died four days after she was

employed as a maid by a couple at Mafoluku area of

Oshodi, Lagos.

The maid, identified as Josephine Naarop, a native of

Plateau State, was employed on April 2 to assist her

employers (names withheld) to take care of their

household chores, including a set of twins delivered

less than three months ago.

It was gathered that prior to her employment, her

employers informed her relatives, John Gwelding and

Mark that they would subject Josephine to series of

medical test to determine if she was medically fit for

the job.

She was made to undergo tests such as HIV/AIDS,

Hepatitis and pregnancy.

At the end of the tests, which were carried out on April

5, she was discovered to be HIV and Hepatitis

negative, but was discovered pregnant. Josephine’s

employers called on her relatives to notify them of the

development and that they could no longer allow her

to work with them.

By the next day, at about 2p.m., one of her relatives,

identified as Mr. Luka King, came to take her back,

since they no longer had need of her services.

When Luka got to the residence of the employers, he

reportedly found Josephine rolling on the floor of the

sitting room, writhing in pains and vomiting.

He called the attention of her madam, who was at

home and they rushed her to a nearby hospital.

It was gathered that when they got to the hospital,

Josephine was not admitted as the doctor on duty

discovered that she was already dead, so he advised

them to take her remains to the mortuary, which they


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