24 year Old “ALFA” dies mysteriously after drinking “Herbal Mixture”

Alfa Taiye

An Islamic cleric, Taiye Bamidele, fondly called Alfa,

has died after consuming herbal mixure in the FESTAC

area of Lagos State.

The 24-year-old was said to have first acted strangely

and behaved violently before dying on Saturday.

PUNCH Metro learnt that a day to the incident, he had

complained to his friend, Akintunde Akinwunmi, that

he was ill.Akinwunmi was said to have gone to a herb

vendor around the area, who sold the herbal mixture

to him.

It was learnt that shortly after taking the concoction,

he started laughing hysterically.He reportedly died

soon after.

Our correspondent learnt that the police had arrested

Akinwunmi and the herb seller.

A police source said Taiye was resident in Ondo State

and had come to Lagos on a visit when tragedy


He said,

“There are three friends involved in this

case. The deceased lived in Ondo State,

while the other two are living in

Lagos.The two in Lagos travelled to

Ondo to join Taiye for the naming

ceremony of another friend, who was

living in Idi-Iroko.All the three friends

returned to Lagos on Thursday, last

week.The following day, which was

Friday, Taiye said he had a stomach

upset and they went to get him some

herbs to treat the ailment.”

It was learnt that he was served a mixture of jedi-jedi

and ‘small leaf’ which were soaked in alcohol.

Our correspondent learnt that after the victim took the

drink, he started acting strangely.

A relative said his friends stated that he was laughing

hysterically and talking out of senses.

“He started by laughing at everything

they were saying and they didn’t

understand what was happening.Later,

he touched the private parts of one of

them. When they tried to hold him, he

ran out of the house.”

In the process of running, it was gathered that Taiye

fell and injured himself in the head.

He was said to have continued his flight, but was later

found with the security men at the entrance into the

estate. The men explained to his friends that Alfa had

lost his mind.The security guards reportedly chained

Alfa and handed him over to his friends.

Our correspondent was told that he gave up the ghost

early Saturday morning.A source said

“Around 3am on Saturday, he died.

People called his name, shook him, but

he did not respond.”

The herb seller, Bilikisu Ayilara, said she did not know

anything about the death of the victim.

She said,

“I have been selling herbs for a long

time and I have never had problems.I

don’t know the man that died. His friend

usually patronised me. He came that

day and said his friend had a stomach


“I gave him jedi-jedi and small leaf and

that was all. It was later I learnt the

man who took it ran mad and died. I am


The victim’s father, Olaiya, appealed to the police to

release his son’s corpse to him.He said he was not

ready to pursue a case against the suspects.

“I don’t think it was the herb that killed

my son. Although he did not have any

mental problem before coming to Lagos

with his friends, he died because it was

his fate.

“All I am interested in is for the police to

release the corpse of my son to me and

release the suspects.”

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