3 Month Old Baby Gets Burnt To Death In Badagry


Tragedy struck in Badagry, Lagos,

yesterday, when a three-month-old infant,

Abiodun Alabi was burnt to death.

The fire incident occurred at Wazobia

Junction, Tako 11, when a new mother,

who lives in a self contained apartment

with her 10year old son and 3 month old

daughter, went to a night vigil and left her

10 year old son to watch the infant.

It’s alleged that before she left the

apartment, she lit a candle in the

apartment because there was no electricity.

Her husband wasn’t home at this time

because he travelled a lot as a transporter.

The 10 year old boy left both his younger

sister and the candle at home and headed

for a neighbour’s apartment to watch

television and eventually passed the night

with them.

Unfortunately the candle burnt out

completely which led to a fire outbreak that

consumed the entire apartment which

burnt the infant to death before help could


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