5 Websites To Watch Free Documentaries Online


Here is a list of 5 free websites to watch free documentaries online. You can watch documentaries by various independent filmmakers across various genres for free.

Documentaries are like the adopted child of movie industry. They are thought-provoking, informative, encouraging, cheaper to make, and yet not as popular as the mainstream cinema. But, no matter the status of documentaries as compared to big budget movies, documentaries worldwide have managed to generate a lot of attention. Some of the famous documentary directors like Michael Moore and Charles Ferguson have received worldwide acknowledgment because of their work. Still, despite their groundbreaking work & the field of documentary making growing popular as a genre, they are yet not as readily available out there as other movies. Although, there are some websites available on the Internet that help this kind of alternative cinema reach the audience & find its place among people. This article aims to explore such websites & what kind of documentaries they contain.

The 5 websites reviewed in this article are Top Documentary Films, DocumentaryHeaven, Documentary Storm, Documentary Addict, and Documentary Wire.

Top Documentary Films:

free documentaries online
The first website to watch free documentaries online is Top Documentary Films. This website has a big tank of documentaries stored in it in an organized manner. You can enter in the tank without any sign up, and start going through the documentaries of your choice. There are different categories under which these documentaries are stored, so it becomes easy for you to find your favorite one. You can also search for any specific film of your choice through the search bar. Alongside every documentary on the website, there is a comments section in which you can write your opinion about the film, and also read what others have to say. Comments can  help everyone in deciding whether to watch a particular documentary or not. Lastly, you have also got the option of buying your favorite documentaries from the online store of the website, after watching them first for free. Check out the link above.


free documentaries online

The second website to watch free documentaries online is DocumentaryHeaven. The website describes documentaries as food for your brain, and trust me, there is a whole lot of free food available here for your brains. And, since the number of documentaries on the website is huge & ever-increasing, they are obviously nicely segregated into categories like Biographies, conspiracy, Celebrity, Archaeology, Atheism, and much more.  Apart from these categories, you will also find the documentaries segregated into groups like Featured documentaries, latest documentaries ( as new ones are being added from time to time), Documentaries being watched, Documentaries of interest, etc. There is also a separate list of Top 100 documentaries of all time listed in a different tab. All of this is available free of cost & without any sign up. Check out the link above.

Documentary Storm:

free documentaries online

Another addition to the list of websites to watch free documentaries online is Documentary Storm. This is simply another good addition to the list with documentaries ranging across several genres. From art documentaries to War documentaries, and much more is available on this platform at one click. Just swivel your way through different categories & find the documentary that fits your interest & current mood. You can also explore the new arrivals on the website, or the top 100 documentary list of the website, or simply choose to surprise yourself with a random documentary. If all this is not enough, you can also register your email with the website & receive documentaries in your account. New documentaries are added to the website at the speed of 1 per day, so make sure you do not forget subscribing. Check out the link above. You can read out detailed review here.

Documentary Addict:

free documentaries online

Documentary Addict is our fourth addition to watch free documentaries online. It contains several documentaries under 26 different categories that include crime, history, science, society, and more. The website claims to have more than 5,000 documentaries as of now, with new ones being added from time to time. You can go through all of these at once in the documentary list tab, or choose to go for the top 100 of the website. The Random feature of the website puts 4 random options in front of you to watch.

Other than just watching documentaries, there are also different discussion forums to participate in. There are several discussions going on covering several documentaries, and you can participate in them by clicking the New Discussion option given on top of the home page. Check out the link above.

Documentary Wire:

free documentaries online

Documentary Wire is the final website reviewed here to watch documentaries online. Not only watch documentaries online, you can also add your own documentary to the website. The website encourages free, independent people and provides them with a platform to showcase their work. You can sign up for a free account on the website to keep a tab of your activities; Otherwise there is no need to create an account just to watch the documentaries. After you have seen a documentary, you can write your opinion about it on the website itself, and also share the documentary with your friends on social media platforms. There are various communities present on the website itself that you can join, and discuss about different documentaries available on the website. Check out the link above.

Watching documentaries is not only a film viewing process; it also encourages viewers to do some brainstorming & appeals to the heart of the viewers. Since it is a documentary, it will always involve something associated to the reality of life & thus making us think about it. Go ahead, watch your favorite documentaries on these platforms for free and slide down to the comments section below to share your thoughts.


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