8 year old boy found in suitcase at Spanish border [Photos]

smuggled boy kaybaba

An 8-year-old

boy from the Ivory Coast survived several hours locked in a

suitcase, bundled in a fetal position, as his family tried to

smuggle him into Spain. But they didn’t succeed as police

officers discovered him in the suitcase via scan

snuggled boy 2


Thursday May 7 in El Tarajal, a terrestrial point of entry at

Spain’s border with Morocco.


The boy, who is now in Spanish custody, is believed to have

spent many hours in the pink, medium-sized polyester

suitcase, pressed against a few personal belongings.

“He was shocked when we opened the suitcase to

see so many people looking at him,” a Spanish

police spokesman told CNN. He also said the boy is

in good condition.

smuggled boy kaybaba

The police spokesman said police officers in El Tarajal

became suspicious when a 21-year-old woman, a

Moroccan National, showed signs of nervousness as she

attempted to cross the border wheeling the suitcase down

the street.

“Our officers asked her if she needed help as the

wheels began to give in,” the spokesman said.

Suspecting a drug smuggling case, police brought the

suitcase in for an x-ray. That is when they found the boy.

He was immediately taken to a state child custodian and

awaits judicial process, the official said.

A man who is apparently his father, identified as A.O., was

arrested a few hours after the boy was found. The man,

who has permanent residency in Spain, awaits formal


The spokesman said this is the first time they have found

this type of smuggling, in which a child was locked into a


Culled from  CNN


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