Why Bishop Chris Bennett Ministries Should Consider Coming to Nigeria

Africa is one of the most religious continents on earth. Nigeria being the most populous African nation has its own fair share of religious people particularly of the christian faith who constantly yearn for his love and his teachings.

Although, a lot of controversies is rocking the church most especially the pentecostal churches in Nigeria, but these issues and challenges stemmed from lack of visionary leadership and unbiblical teachings(Especially on the topics of Money).

In Nigeria, you are either religious or you are nobody.

There is much social and political pressure to be religious and to remain religious. The social, political and sometimes economic price of leaving religion, renouncing religion or criticizing religion is so high.

This reasons made religion one of the most important ways of life and also what many pay much attention to especially during times of despair.

A vacuum have thus been created by lack of visionary leadership and mentorship in the church for the teaming youth population in Nigeria.

This is the reason why visionary christian organisation like Bishop Chris Bennett Ministry should consider coming to Nigeria. This will enable the highly organised church to bring the true teachings of Christ to Nigeria and her teaming youth population as well as the aged who are constantly yearning for the true love of Christ which has been lost in most Nigerian pentecostal churches.

Bishop Dr. Chris Bennett emerged with a passion to unapologetically preach the gospel of the Kingdom of God. He has been mandated by God to preach the restoration of the dominance of man on earth, therefore leading a generation into their dominion power.

He is an author, teacher, business owner, conference host, worshipper, and growth agent just to name a few.

As the president and CEO of Chris Bennett Ministries, he travels extensively with his team, preparing men and women for citizenship into the Kingdom of God and teaching them to access their right to power, authority and rulership as a immortal agent in God’s kingdom.

Bishop Chris Bennett received his spiritual upbringing in the Shiloh Apostolic Churches of Jamaica and the Church of the Apostolic Faith Waterloo in Santa Cruz, Jamaica; a church where his great grandparents were charter members.

Bishop Chris Bennett was ordained to the office of the bishop in the Lord’s church in 2006 by Bishop Leo Smith and and then Bishop Byron V. Johnson now Apostle Johnson, (both PAW Bishops at the time) in Chicago, Illinois.

Bishop Chris Bennett received his Bachelors in Pastoral Studies, his Masters in Educational Leadership and his
doctorate in Leadership.
He was baptized in Jesus Name and filled with the Holy Ghost on November 19, 1988 in Hartford, Connecticut.

His ministry which is headquartered in Jamaica is committed to the goal of serving believers with the highest level of spiritual care.
With Bishop Chris Bennett Ministry, we believe that God has His mind on you! Therefore, we know with assurance that you are meant for this time, and for an amazing present and future. We are motivated by your presence here and we pray that your visit with us will be inspiring, uplifting and life changing.

Considering the robust followership the Bishop Chris Benneth Ministry has in Jamaica and United states, it wont be gain saying to expressly invite them to come take a lead and bring the love of Christ to the large population of believers thirsty for the love of Christ in Nigeria.

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