Chris Brown Moving His BabyMama & Daughter To Be With Him In California


Chris Brown has told his baby mama, 31-year-old model Nia Amey, that she and their 9-month-old daughter are more than welcome in his lavish Los Angeles home, a source tells exclusively. In fact, Chris may even buy them a house of their own!

He Wants Her & Nia Close. Chris, 25, has made a lot of mistakes in his life but when it comes to taking care of his new baby daughter, he’s very eager to do the right thing.

That’s why he and Nia are “talking and making arrangements for Chris to be with his daughter. Chris has made it crystal clear to Nia that he’s going to be there for the the baby, financially and all, and at this point has even told her that his home is open to the both her and the baby,” a source tells exclusively. “Now that everything is out in the open, he doesn’t want Nia to feel like she’s alone or have to sell her soul to the media to care of their child.”

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