Coffins Bearing the Dead Bodies of Indonesian Drug Convicts get Buried (Photos)


Indonesia brushed aside last-minute appeals on tuesday and

executed eight people including 4 Nigerians convicted of

drug smuggling in their country. Photos of the dead being

buried and details from their last minutes on earth have

now been revealed.

According to the pastors who were with them in their final

hours, reformed Bali Nine ringleaders Andrew Chan and

Myuran Sukumaran and their six fellow death row prisoners

refused to wear blindfolds and were singing as they were

executed by a 13-member firing squad in the early hours of

Wednesday morning.

The eight men chose to face their executioners and spent

their last minutes of life praying, praising God and singing

songs including Amazing Grace.

On Wednesday morning, Pastor Christie Buckingham – who

read Chan and Sukumaran their last rites – said the eight

death row inmates walked out onto the killing field singing

religious songs in the

moments before they were executed.

Pastor Buckingham said the men conducted themselves

with ‘dignity and strength until the end’. Another pastor,

Karina de Vega, said it was a ‘beautiful experience’.

‘It was breathtaking. This was the first time I

witnessed someone so excited to meet their God,’

Pastor de Vega told Fairfax.


Photo: Sympathisers carry the coffin bearing the body of Indonesian drug convict Zainal Abidin


Indonesian Attorney General Muhammad Prasetyo

confirmed at a news conference hours after the deaths had

been widely reported that each of the eight had been

executed simultaneously at 12:35 a.m. (1735 GMT) by a

13-member firing squad. Medical teams confirmed their

deaths three minutes later, he said.

“The executions have been successfully

implemented, perfectly. All worked, no misses,” he

said of the deaths of two Australians, four

Nigerians, a Brazilian and an Indonesian man.

Prasetyo also dismissed concerns that Indonesia had done

long-term damage to bilateral relations through the

executions. According to him:

“It’s just a momentary reaction. What we’re doing is

carrying out court decisions.”

He said that the message was “do not try to smuggle drugs

in Indonesia, because we will be harsh and firm against

drug-related crimes.”

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