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Upon assumption in office in May 2016, the Director General of National Broadcasting Commission NBC, Mallam Is’haq Modibbo Kawu made it clear that ‘Digital Switch-Over’ is the top priority among projects his administration will execute. It is significant to note that the deadline for DSO is slated for June 2017.

Following Kawu’s initial mission statement, staffs of NBC have join hands with him in making the DSO a successful project. With the trend of event, considering feet achieved so far by NBC, it is impressive to state that DSO has come to stay and assurances are that success will surely be recorded on the project.

Goal of DSO is that the era of analogue broadcasting will end and gradually orchestrate a new era of digital broadcasting. This will aid Nigeria’s local channels as it joins global league of digital broadcasters.

Digital Switch Over DSO will provide flexible and efficient technical platform for broadcasters to deliver both SD and HD programming. As the world grows and glow higher in technological innovations, so will magnificent images, sharp visual, and clearer contents all birthed by transition to digital transmission will positively affect every facet of life of Nigerians.

With DSO, more television, radio stations and services will be available, there will be a viral increase in viewing options and coverage, giving consumers more choices of stations. This intends to end the monopoly of stations such as NTA, state-owned and other local private stations, many among which transmits with unclear visuals and voices.

Broadcasters will be enabled to target specific niche languages. They will have sufficient confidence in using languages of their choice. Languages translation techniques, will now more than ever portray cultural diffusion, ethnic diversity and language differences in Nigeria will be brought to a still since languages can be translated into what viewers and listeners of varying tribes can understand even when the program is not conveyed in their original language.

Highlighted below are the abundant advantages the DSO will bring along when fully launched:

• Creation of jobs, alleviating the unemployment scourge in Nigeria, new system with new innovations and new innovations will generate new opportunities.

• The Nigerian media sector will be attractive to foreign investors, with new companies competing in the market to ensure standard broadcasting delivery.

• More media consultant will surely be needed and training and retraining of staffs most be put in place in meeting the new challenges of the digitalization

• To validate the first merit, intending media practitioners and experienced staffs will be hired. Nigerian youths will therefore be encouraged to attend new academic programs on digital broadcasting, at home and abroad.

  • Consistent researches on digital marketing will be in shape, new forum for digital broadcasting marketing will be encouraged.

It is imperative we support NBC in its effort toward realisation of DSO. In celebrating the transition of Digital Switch Over in Nigeria, a moral burden is placed on you and I to support and pray for the Director General of National Broadcasting Commission, Mallam Modibbo Kawu and his staffs to succeed
on this worthwhile project.

God bless Is’haq Modibbo Kawu!
God bless NBC!
God bless Nigeria!

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