“The experience was interesting and fun but…” – Miss NALSS, UNILORIN

A year back, a beauty pageantry show was held by the Nigerian Association of Life Sciences Students, UNILORIN chapter, where Miss Joy Ajide was crowned as the MIss NALSS, 2016. Kaybaba  team held had interview with the beauty queen, who doubles as the Most beautiful girl in Kwara (MBGK, 2016), where she bared all her thoughts and experiences at the last edition of the Miss NALSS in which she emerged winner.

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Can we meet you?

I’m Joy Ajide, microbiology department, University of Ilorin. I am the present Miss NALSS, and also the current Most beautiful; girl in kwara. Yoruba by tribe, from Kwara state, Offa to be precise.

What inspired you to contest?

At first, I only bought a ticket to attend, I never planned to contest. How I contested is still unknown to me.

Ever had plans for modeling before now?

Nop, the interest wasn’t there.

How did your friends react?

They supported me fully.

How would you define your experience?

The experience was interesting and fun, being the first i’ve attended. It was stressful though, but also worth it. I give kudos to the social director.

Did you expect to win?

A competition is a competition. I didn’t let anything weigh me down, I only believed in myself and God.

Word for organizers?

I’d say they should groom the contestants, keep their words and treat their queen right.

Any benefits from Miss NALSS title?

It didn’t meet my expectations. I believe organizers should work more with the queen to make impoact as that could be the only significance for the paegentry.

What would you have done differently six months ago?

I’d had worked on self-esteem for ladies and organize programs to build students and harness their potentials.

Can you work with the incoming Miss NALSS?

I’d love to, and even see it as a privilege.

Why didn’t you contest for Miss Unilorin?

I didn’t contest because I had a feeling not to do it. I had people who were willing to sponsor, I had the support, I just decided not to go for it.

Words of advice and encouragement to life scientists?

I’d like to tell them that there’s something in them, the only thing is to work on it. Please know your worth, don’t try to imitate people, don’t try to be what you are not.

What can you say on governance, politics, and the faculty as a whole?

The faculty has been doing well, we should keep being the live scientists that we are. I love my faculty.

Bigger dreams?

I’m working on a project tagged ‘war against sickle cell anaemia” which is meant for people born with the disease. I want to stop the stigmatization of these people, and bring many unknown things to limelight. Other projects are coming up too.

Do you plan to have an NGO?

I do want to have an NGO to make impacts on humanity. It could be based on any area, but having impact is a must.

What are your most passionate motivation?

I have a watchword form the bible which says “your gifts and your talents would open ways for you and put you amongst great men”. Talking on mentors, my mum inspires me a lot and tells me never to give up. Through God’s help and belief in him, we’d make it.

Thank you for your audience.

Thank you.

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