Fuel Now Sells Between N150 and 200 in Ilorin Following petrol Scarcity

fuel scarcity

FOLLOWING THE SCARCITY OF PETROL IN ILORIN, kwara state capital, black marketers on Friday made motorist to

pay through their nose to get the products as a litter of

petrol now sells at N200 per litter.

This followed sudden closure of private filling stations in the

metropolis after the Department

of Petroleum Resources (DPR), Thursday vowed to enforce

the sale of the product for official pump price of N87

against N100 which most filling stations sell the product .

Investigation showed that a litter of petrol at the black

market now sells for N200 while some filling stations also

sell for N150. Many petrol stations were shut to motorists


the premise that they had ran out of stock.

No advance reason was given for the impromptu closure of

the stations. At few stations where fuel otherwise known as

premium motor spirit (PMS) were sold, desperate motorists

were seen scrambling to buy the product.

This came barely 24 hours after the Kwara State office of

the Department of Petroleum

Resources (DPR) held a meeting with the leadership of the

Independent Petroleum Marketers Association of Nigeria


The DPR had decried the salle of the product at most filling

stations at the unauthorised price of N100 per litre of

against the official pump price of N 87 per litter.

The state DPR Operation Controller, Engineer Amos

Jokodola, who spoke with members of the 2015 Press

Committee of the Kwara State council of Nigeria Union of

Journalists (NUJ) in his office ,vowed that the department

will enforce the sale of the product at the official

pump price of N87 per litter .

He said drastic measures were being taken to ensure that

the affected marketers dispense at

the official price while failure would lead to heavy sanction.

The DPR boss told journalists that his men had been

deployed to monitor the activities of petrol

stations, warning that stations found to be under-dispensing

to unsuspecting users of petroleum

products would be fined N100,00 or have stations closed

down for one month.

Jokodola said the shortage of fuel supply being experienced

was not peculiar to Kwara, pointing out that the problem

persists due to the refusal of major marketers to import the


He warned that the department would not tolerate

unpatriotic attitude of some marketers who also found to be

hoarding fuel.

“The challenge we have in Kwara, for now, is very low

supply. Instead of 35 trucks per day, we get 12 or 13

trucks. The consumption rate of

Kwara is 1.3million. What we get now is even below 50

percent consumption of PMS in the 16 Local Government

Areas of the state. We don’t have adequate PMS supply to

the state. Some of these marketers say they go to private

depots to

source or buy. They buy at N96 or N97.

“They should showed us the documents so that we can

challenge the depots. Of course all

depots are under DPR regardless of location so that we can

say on what basis are you selling at these prices to the

marketers. They have not

been forthcoming. So it is a battle.

As I speak to you, our men are in the field to enforce

compliance with N87 per litre of fuel. But the constraint we

have, we are just 23 (staff) and we have over 600 filling

stations spread across the state.

“But notwithstanding we would keep on doing our best. We

would try to sanitize Ilorin before we move out. It is a battle.

DPR did not approve N100 per litre of petrol.

They (marketers) are doing it illegally”, Jokodola said.

Credits: Isalekoto Nurudeen

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