Google Set to Release Android 6.0 Marshmallow Next Week; See Key Features


Google has announced its plans to roll out the new version of its mobile operating system, Android Marshmallow, starting next week. Although the company hasn’t set an official date for the roll out, reports suggest Monday, October 5th, as the day Google’s latest software will begin hitting devices.

As usual, owners of Nexus devices i.e Nexus 5, Nexus 6, Nexus 7, Nexus 9 and Nexus Player, will be first on the line to get the upgrades with other devices receiving it at a yet to be determined time.

Marshmallow will offer users better stability and a somewhat iOS experience as some of its features are borrowed from Apple’s operating system.

Here are some of its key features:

1. Doze- This is a new feature that comes Marshmallow, it monitors how your device is being used and adjusts app activity accordingly. For example, when it detects the device hasn’t been moving or used for a period of time, it disables some background processes and other battery-hungry features.

2. New App Permission Structure- App permissions have been overhauled in Android Marshmallow, and you can now choose to accept or deny individual permissions as you see fit. Permissions have also been simplified, and will now be requested the first time you try to use a feature and not at the point of installation seen in previous android versions. This is one of the features borrowed from iOS.

3. App Backup and Restore- When an Android 6.0 device is idle and connected to Wi-Fi, it will automatically backup app data and settings to Google Drive. If you ever wipe your phone or switch to a new one, you’ll finally be able to quickly and easily restore all of your apps as they were previously.

5.Fingerprint support- This feature will allow fingerprint scanners to be used not only to unlock phones, but to make purchases when shopping in real-life or within Play Store apps. Of course your device must have hardware fingerprint scanner for you to enjoy this feature.

5. Better, Cut, Copy and Paste- This may seem like a very small feature but it will have a big impact on your overall user experience. In earlier versions of Android, selecting text would open a series of buttons at the top of the screen, and many people are still confused about what each one does. In Android 6.0, selecting text or a photo will pop up a menu directly above your selection with the words, ‘cut’ ‘copy’ and ‘paste’. Yet another feature borrowed from iOS.

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