How 19-Year-Old Drop-Out Hypnotizes Women With Strange Ring

19 year old drop out hypnotiser _ kaybaba

Detectives attached to Nsukka Area Command of the

Nigeria Police Force, Enugu State, were dumb- founded,

recently, following startling confessions of a 19-year-old

elementary six drop-out over his exploits with girls and

homosexuals using a strange ring. The suspect,

Chukwuebuka Ani, who hails from Nara in Nkanu Local

Government Area of the state told policemen that he uses

ring to weirdly attract young girls and married women

while homosexuals approach him for love tango at the

cost of a whooping N100,000 per day.


Narrating his incredible exploits, the suspect who was

arrested by members of a vigilante group following his

suspicious movement at Umabor village in Opi, Nsukka

Local Government Area, after he fled from his village,

confessed that he was initiated into the secret cult by his

friend at Community Primary School, Isiagu, Awka,

Anambra State who gave him biscuits and sachet water

during break time.

According to him, at night, that my friend appeared and

asked me to follow him. Unknown to me, the biscuit and

water he gave me earlier had automatically initiated me

into their cult. He took me to a lady he identified as

Amarachi Eze, who lives in a four-storey building in



“The lady told me that I should never disclose to anybody

what I saw. She used her finger nail to give me a mark on

the chest and she licked the blood that came out from the

mark. She then asked me to be visiting her on a weekly

basis. Each time I visited, she will compel me to make

love to her. After that, she will give me N5, 000.00. She

was also paying me N15,000.00 every month and she

gave me two rings which I use to attract girls.   However,

I was forbidden from making love to harlots in brothels.”


Chukwuebuka stated that he was in that game for over

three years and each time he tried to escape from the

cult, the lady will threaten to kill him, pointing out that he

has reported to the police but he ended up being detained

for days while the lady will still come to release him and

request for sex.

“She will also direct me to continue to initiate more

people. I found out that any girl I had intercourse with, will

automatically become a member of our cult group. Also, I

discovered that once I insert the ring in my mouth,

anything I tell somebody must be accepted and obeyed to

the last letter.


At a stage, I was fed up with the whole thing and I was

thinking of committing suicide. However, when I

remembered that I am the only child of my peasant

parents, I chose the option of returning back home to fend

for my self. While at home, I could not afford to pay for

my secondary education. I decided to learn how to repair

generator and barbing.

Unfortunately, after I was freed, I could still not afford to

be on my own due to lack of funds to purchase working

tools. In spite of my decision to return home and turn a

new leaf, I still did not discard the evil rings. I kept on

using it to make love to a good number of girls and

married women that crossed my way. There were so

many that I can not identify them. I was only interested in

having fun and initiating them into the group as directed

by the lady, Amarachi.”


“One man who is a gay approached me at a certain joint,

bought few things for me, gave me his complimentary

card, and asked me to come to Abuja if I am interested

that he will give me N100, 000 for love tango in one of the

best hotels. The complimentary card is with the police.   I

cannot remember the man’s name but if the police can

give out the card, you will see his name. One other gay

lover, Ifeanyi at Ugwuoba in Anambra State, is in prison


He has defiled many young boys. Ifeanyi claims to be a

Pastor but he is a well known homosexual in the area

who defiled one small boy and was imprisoned about two

or three months ago. He has many shops, barbing

saloons, film rentals among others which he uses to

entice young boys and perfect his illicit acts.”


“One day, I just decided to move out of the village. I came

to Gariki, Awkunanaw motor park in Enugu and joined

Peace Mass Transit to Nsukka. When the vehicle reached

Opi junction, some people dropped and I decided to follow

as I have never been to Nsukka before. When I came

down, I saw a barbing saloon and entered there. Some

boys were chatting inside. I told one of them called

Chinedu that I was looking for a wife to marry.

He laughed at me and said he could not help out.   It was

getting late and I pleaded to pass the night with him and

he obliged my request. I followed him to their house and

on entering the compound, one elderly woman inquired

from him who he was coming with. Soon after the

woman left us, she entered their room and I over heard

her chanting some incantations. Few seconds later, she

came out and branded me a thief, kidnapper, ritualist, 419,

sex maniac and cultist, unknown to me that the woman is

a herbalist.

She, thereafter, invited the local vigilante group to arrest

and interrogate me with a view to finding out my mission

in their community. I was roughly manhandled before

they invited the police who equally tortured me to find out

the exact fact of my mission.   I fabricated lies to enable

the police leave me but all the things I said did not go

down well with them. They then took me to the Area

Command headquarters in Nsukka town.”


A competent senior police officer who spoke with Crime

Credits: vanguard

photo credit: Horshaw

Guard over the startling revelations by the suspect,

advised young boys and girls to be careful with the kind

of friends they keep, both at school and outside their

homes pointing out that investigations are on going to

unravel the authenticity of the sordid story by the suspect

who is helping the police in their investigations.

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