How I Will Choose My Ministers – Buhari

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President-elect Muhammadu Buhari has dismissed

the ministerial lists in circulation on the social media

as fake because his ministers will not emerge the way

the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) picked members

of its Federal Executive Council (FEC) in the last 16


Buhari made this known in an exclusive interview he

granted senior editors of Daily Trust at his country

home in Daura, Katsina State on Tuesday.

As the May 29 handover date draws closer, there have

been speculations about those who would make the

next government’s ministerial list. Most of the persons

who featured on the speculative list were picked from

across the 36 states and the six geopolitical zones, to

rhyme with the PDP’s tradition of appointing a

minimum of one minister from each state of the

federation and six others from the geopolitical zones.

In the interview, Buhari dismissed the speculations, by

stating that “I am not speaking about it; I have not put

anything on paper, so nobody has seen it and I

haven’t discussed it with anybody; I am just keeping it

close to my chest.”

The exclusive interview was conducted in-between a

series of emotional activities in which the president-

elect met with his primary and secondary school

mates and other personal friends to exchange banters

because, as he put it, as from May 29, he would be too

busy with the affairs of Nigeria, hence it would be

difficult to find time to socialise with his cherished

friends from his childhood.

Providing an insight into how his ministers would

emerge, Buhari said, “I am ardent listener of Hausa

Service of Voice of America (VOA) and the British

Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) from 6am to 7am

every morning. I am going to quote myself because I

heard in one of the interviews that I said the type of

people I am supposed to appoint, like in the cabinet

and the Secretary to the Government of the

Federation, and service chiefs, will be different.

Definitely my approach is going to be different from

what we had under the PDP where governors

nominated ministers.”

The president-elect said if state governors are at

liberty to appoint their commissioners, he, too, should

be at liberty to choose those who would serve with

him in the Federal Executive Council.

According to Buhari, he was still looking around for the

kind of persons who could help to transform the

country, stating that, “I have been around long enough

to know people that I can approach for things like

that… Deliberately we will look for competent people,

dedicated and experienced to head ministries and, of

course, there will be schedules for ministers and we

will expect them to fill them. Economically we will try

and stop a lot of wastages and encourage austerity so

that we can fund the ministries. Education and

healthcare will get more attention. Of course, security

is Number One. Certainly, there is a lot to do but we

are hoping that we ‘ll get good people to be in charge

of ministries who can apply themselves to their

responsibilities so that in no time Nigerians would

begin to see the difference.”

When asked if he would present the list of his

ministers to the Senate in the first week of the

proclamation of the new legislature, Buhari simply

responded “I will not make that known before you.”

He spoke extensively on why he is insisting that the

principle of separation of powers among the three

arms of government should be obeyed; the power

sharing in the All Progressives Congress (APC); fuel

subsidy; the lack of progress made in the handover

from President Goodluck Jonathan to him, and much


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