Jega Rates 2015 Polls Better Than 2011

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THE Independent National Electoral Commission’s

(INEC) Chairman, Attahiru Jega, has rated the 2015

general elections better than those conducted in


He spoke at the commission’s headquarters in Abuja

when a delegation led by Ambassador of Mexico in

Nigeria, Marco Antonio Garcia Blanco, visited him.

Prof. Jega, who admitted that there was room for

improvement, explained that the last general elections

proved false prophets wrong.

He said: “We are indeed very happy that our elections

turned out to be well and to have been recognised

both nationally and internationally as free, fair,

credible and peaceful.

“Leading to the election, some impressions had been

created, particularly in the international media as if

this may be the end of our country. Thank God it was

doomsday prediction, which turned out to be false.”

Prof. Jega, who was delighted by the offer to share

experiences with other countries, added: “We know

that the election has not been perfect; we know that it

was better than 2011.

But there is also a lot of scope for improvement and

that is why we welcome every opportunity to visit

other countries and to see how they do their own

elections and to be able to exchange ideas and to also

learn good practices, which we can continue to adapt

to our own circumstances for continuous

improvement of our own electoral process.”

He lauded the efforts of the Mexican High Commission

in the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding

(MoU) between both countries in sharing electoral


He urged that such bilateral relationship should be

extended to other sectors.

“You facilitated the signing of the MoU, which has

been very useful. Many of our staff have benefited by

participation in some conferences. All these

experiences have been useful and beneficial and we

cherish the opportunity,” he said.

Ambassador Blanco said his mission to the

commission was to “transmit congratulatory message

for a great job that the commission did in the last

electoral process.”

He said everybody recognised the key role played by

INEC in the successes achieved in the last electoral


He called on the commission’s leadership to share

experience with his country, which, he said, was very

important in improving the electoral process in


He said: “Your expertise, knowledge and wisdom will

be a great asset to our electoral body. With experience

sharing, Mexico will benefit a lot”.

He advocated for continuous strengthening of existing

bilateral relationship between both countries.

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