#Jokes: Only in Movies


I decided to go and chill out in Mr. Biggs ogbomoso this evening when i saw

one guy with his girlfriend enjoying

themselves. Not too long, in front of them was

the waiter with the bill which was about 20k.

To my surprise the girl quickly opened her purse

brought out 21k, paid and told the waiter to keep

the balance. That’s where my head swell up wishing I could have a babe like

her. After the waiter had left, the guy

started asking her, baby why didn’t u allow me to

take care of the bills.

It was then the girl said something that impressed

me, she actually told the guy that she’s not after

his money that the only thing she needs from him

is his love, care and attention.

Almost immediately, I heard a voice shouting ”cut! cut!!

cut!!! cut!!!!! It was the director and right behind

me was the camera man.

It was then I said to myself “Okaaaayyyyyy” I for fear

oooooooo. Na movie dem dey shoot, no wonder !!!!!!!

because de last time dis kind thing happen for

real life na 1900 during the time of Lord Lugard.

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