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For those that knows Modibbo for long can testifies to his fantastic behaviors, his bravery, his intellectual prowess and incorruptible characters. For them Modibbo in history as almost become synonymous with incorruptibility and bravery. He is just a man with a unique favours for the masses. Is a resilient man that believe in excellent and achievement. For some who never knows him in history but come to know him after his assumption into office as the DG National Broadcast Commission, they had sees the thread of a genius in him, an achiever , a DG who knows the true directions to success in his commission.
Until now, many never knows the work of NBC, many never no how the commission works and how it affects there day to day activities. But Modibbo as assumed the commission mantle of leadership , many things as changed and many crippling policies and works have been accomplished, staffs of the commission feels the impact of the coming of the Titan, the impact of Modibbo is been felt all over Nigeria,especially the successful launched of DSO that are been enjoyed by many less privilege Nigerians, especially in the States where DSO had been launched fully
Among many achievements of just a resent , Modibbo had faulted the licensing strategies in the old NBC, he lamented that licensees are carry on as if they (broadcasting stations)have their licences for keeps and acted as if the NBC cannot withdraw their licences. He warned that it is important to remind them that all licences are provisional, no matter how long you have held them,” he added.
Kawu said that the commission was also disturbed by the illegal and rampant use of transmission power by stations across the country.Despite the godfathers overthrowns in the broadcasting industries in Nigeria over the years, Modibbo stressed that stations who procure transmitters without respecting the stipulated and recommended transmitter power in city-based frequency modulated (FM) stations will be closed down
With the incessant security threats in Nigeria, Modibbo as again use the favours in his commission to help the security agencies in getting ride of the menace through his commission
According to him, there is national security issue involved in the importation of mobile transmitters.
“There are mobile transmitters being imported by non-state, secessionist groups, who are using these transmitters to broadcast anti-national, propaganda.
“This is part of their effort to de-legitimise our country and propagate hate as well as secessionist propaganda,“ he said. According to him any propagandist and unregistered stations will not be tolerated.
Again, he said one of the issues facing NBC was the clash of frequencies all over country, adding that City-based FM radio stations are permitted under the terms of their licenses to install 2KW transmitters and any defaulters organizations will be dealt with

Of many importance social medias gave to the world today, the fast trending negative effects of it can never be over emphasized. According to Modibbo,
“It does not even pretend to any ethical foundations and it does not give a damn about it. I will indulge us to investigate this disturbing trend.
”The role of the social media is adding salt to the injuries created by the lack of ethics by the media.”
Kawu reiterated that the media has a patriotic and professional role to play in reporting violence.
” In all, it must remember that beyond reporting, it must protect the sanctity and humanity of the Nigerian society at all time.
”It must be sensitive to the national ethos and the sanctity of humanity.”

Additionally, the Director-General, National Broadcasting Commission (NBC), Malam Is’haq Modibbo-Kawu, says all is set to roll out Digital Switch-Over (DSO) in the six geopolitical zones simultaneously.
Modibbo-Kawu made this known in a communiqué issued at the end of one-day Broadcast Stakeholders meeting held in Abuja on March 7th , He listed the state in each of the zones to includes, Kaduna in the North-West, Kwara representing North-Central, Gombe in North-East, Enugu for South-East, Osun for South-West and Delta for the South-South.
He said that 70 per cent of contents in the DSO are local contents, assuring that the collection of TV and Radio License fee would be gathered together to support content production.

Adding more to his effort, the National Broadcasting Commission (NBC) has given broadcast stations in the country three weeks to pay up over N5 billion licence fees they owed the commission.
It also directed all stations that have installed more than the allotted TX power to procure and install 2KW transmitters within six months and warned that it would de-commission such transmitters after the expiration of the grace period.
Director-General of the Commission, Is’haq Modibbo Kawu, who gave the warning at a stakeholders’ meeting of broadcasters in Abuja, said the NBC would be invoking the relevant laws against erring stations in this regard. He added that all stations are expected to complete all payments owed to the commission on or before March 15, 2017.
Among many accolades to the DG NBC is the words of the minister of Information and culture ,Alh Lai Moh, he observed that Nigeria leads in Digital Switch Over among peers in Africa.
The Minister disclosed this in Cannes, France, after a tour of stands of Nigerians and other TV and online content developers at the on-going MIPTV 2017.

The Minister for Information and Culture, Alhaji. Lai Mohammed, says Nigeria has gone many steps ahead of its peers in Africa on Switch Over to Digital Television Broadcasting.
Mohammed said: “Another takeaway from here is that we have seen that we are doing more than how we are appreciated on the DSO especially among our peers because we have gone many steps ahead of many African countries.
“We have been able to appoint Signal Distributors, Set-Top Box manufacturers and have rolled out in Jos and Abuja.

“We intend to roll out in Kaduna before the end of the month and by May, will roll out in three other States.
These among many other achievements truly throws Modibbo up for accolades and appreciation as a commission DG who stands out among his peers. GOD BLESS THE FEDERAL REPUBLIC OF NIGERIA

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