Northern Kwarans have to come to terms with the reality and device a platform of equity for her people by ensuring the next governor is being produced from their senatorial district. The current hegemony is obviously an obstruction of development by a particular region of the state on another. And that is why we have to come together and deduce a way out of being a long constant bride to whoever conquers from the other two senatorial districts.

The three Senatorial districts of the state and their descendants;
Kwara Central,Kwara South and Kwara North, Since 1993 that governor Mohammed Shaba Lafiagi from kwara north handed over to other four military administrators Mustapha Ismail,Baba Adamu Iyam, Peter A.M Ogar and Rasheed Sekoni before it was then given back to a civilian Governor Muhammed Lawal on 29th of May 1999-2003 from Kwara Central. Then came Governor Dr. Abubakar Bukola Saraki who spent 8years from same senatorial district before the barton was passed to Kwara South in person of Alhaji Dr. Abdulfatah Ahmed for two terms as well. All the candidates were been supported strongly by Kwara north. Hence, what is good for the goose is good for the gander and if truly we want the equation to be balanced in other for every part of the state to feel the equity and sense of belonging, the next governor should come from kwara north senatorial district. But much work is left for the discussed senatorial district people to do in gearing and putting themselves together and stand for righteousness in awakening their people to know the reasons why our political leaders must produce a competent and acceptable candidate from within.

What is the readiness of Kwara North People?

We are so much prepared to govern this harmonious state meaningfully with progressive agendas. But this popular insinuations going around the state that kwara north people are not ready to govern the state is nothing but a political language meant to draw our minds back.
Because they know our coming together to reach a consensus can actually enhance the region to get itself out of the political marginalization and mesmerism.

Why do you think kwara north people can rule the state?

The senatorial district which comprises of 5 local governments (EDU, PATIGI, KAIAMA, MORO and BARUTEEN local government) areas that has 50+ wards can surely rule the state. Because it is an unarguable fact that we have professionals in various fields of intellectual and moral requirements. So I wouldn’t say much on that as for the people are known of good character, moral uprightness and diligence to discharge their duty anywhere they find themselves in the world.

After almost 25years, are they really treated like equal citizens?

The answer is a big NO. We are not being treated like equal citizens. And as the second largest ethnic group in the state. We are supposed to be given a high recognition and to also be allowed to hold sway in our socioeconomic and political matters of the state. But we are being denied all these. Knowing fully well that we have professionals in the field who are also well qualified in all ramification to administer those positions.
chief judge of the state, speaker of the state house of assembly. Ambassadorial nominations, and some other major state parastatals and a lot more. Believe me, kwara north is marginalized in totality. And these are strong and meaningful reasons why the youths and our elders have to strongly stand and agitate for what is due at the right and necessary time.



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