Laugh out Loud! Things you may not know your iPhone 6 Can do for You.


Reasons Why You
Must Own the new
iPhone 6 which
costs abt N4580,000
*U can email ur
ancestors, detect the
dreaded ebola,
ping ur village deity.
* If u hold am, U no
go ever hungry again.
* If u misplaced it in a
cab, it will
automatically find its
way back into ur
* If ugly person send
U request e no go
* It can tell U which
member of your
family dey disturb
* U can connect d
bluetooth to
transformer 2 get
* It can be used as
bomb detectors.
* It can be used as
mosquito (insect)
* It makes everyone
look at you as rich
boy or girl even
when you are
* It vibrates if
someone is lying,
* It can tell d real
father of a child.
* It can detect if Ur
is cheating.
* It can upgrade Ur
GPA if U are a
* It prevents
unwanted pregnancy,
just put it in
condom mode.
* You can use it as AC
* You can use it as a
weapon if you are
attacked by
armed robbers
* It can show you the
way to heaven with
the GPS

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