Based on true life story

Dear Father, don’t know if I should call you a Dad, albeit I get jealous when my friends shares with me the love their Dads shares with them but I’m not urged by the intimidation.

Several times I’ve always asked you, why you have to put me in the wonderland, pondering why you have always within just a minute be humanly good to me and within just a twinkle you’re something else I don’t wanna go closer to.

Do I even remember your real names? For all I know you to be tagged with is the “Bar man”, not the man who sales drinks in a bar but one who can drink it all when it rains in a bar, so comical and disheartening. You gave me no education, you traded my future in exchange of getting pleasure, you go to work all day and you invested all your money in building a Rome in the bar leaving me lone.

Don’t ask me how I was able to write you this letter without going to school. You are my father by DNA but someone else fathered me, gave me feathers to fly and gave me bread that is buttered.

I wrote this letter a thousand times because I cry anytime I write about how unlucky I’m and my tears do soak my paper, but this one is written out of a dry land cause my tears are gone, the ocean of my tears are dried. Don’t find me, I’m alive and living great under the sun.
Wish you well father, this is a letter from your son to you.

Olajire Damilola Muyideen
Fb@Smiling Pen.

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