#LifeOnCampus – Episode 1



(A drama)
Written by: Olaniran Abiola (Fabulous BTG)

I dedicate this work to Almighty God,the alpha and Omega,also to the students that lost their life in the course of their struggle to academics excellence,I pray you rest in peace and God will be with your family,you will never be forgotten.

Segun Badmus
Tony Adams
Maleek Abdulrahman
Emeka Ogbonna
Adesuwa Rufai
Chichi Onyeka
Damilola Makinde
Helen Stevenson


Episode 1


Light on to reveal the Rufai’s living room,a fully furnished living room with full upholstery,Adesuwa could be visualized watching tv when she heard a knock at the door(ko ko ko)

Adesuwa-who is there,am coming(she opens the door) oh its you dammy,come in jare
Damilola-(her childhood friend)babey,whats up na(walks in)whats wrong with you
Adesuwa-nothing jare,just relaxing nao,abi wetin man go do
Damiloa-who is at home
Adesuwa-only me
Damilola-where is your brother
Adesuwa-he took his girlfriend out
Damilola- Adesuwa,I swear,I am hungry, I don’t like what they cook at home,abeg food dey
Adesuwa-you ehn,you will never change,is this the way you will be doing when you get to school,I pity you
Damilola-leave that jare,less I forget,about the school you mentioned
Adesuwa-please don’t go there,we both applied and you were given admission,to study biochemistry,I wasn’t,even though my score was far better than yours
Damilola-shut up jare and listen,I heard they release the vc list last night and 20 students were admitted
Adesuwa- so whats mine,I hate that foolish school,because they are the best in Nigeria doesn’t mean they can treat students anyhow they like,after scoring 258 in jamb and 87% in post utme,what else do they want.
Damilola-girlfriend,check it first before you say anything stupid
Adesuwa-check what,am tired of checking and checking everytime,they gave 7000 plus admission,my name was no where to be found,so how will they give me admission amidst 20 people,abeg lemme,is it food you want?
Damilola-I beg your pardon,what are you saying,are you trying to call me F.F.O.(for food only) rubbish
Damilola-where is your phone
Adesuwa-wait,when are you going to school self,because I heard that school has resumed
Damilola- I will resume soon,give me your phone(collected her phone,surf through the internet to the university portal)whats your jamb reg number
Adesuwa-you don’t give up easily,do you?.okay 31454198BT
Adesuwa-(she typed it and she was shocked with the response on the screen of the phone but she didn’t say anything)hmmm,oga o
Adesuwa-no admission offered yet abi,didn’t I tell you
Damiloa-you have a message(gives her the phone)
Adesuwa(collected the phone without checking it)who is this(checked the phone)yes yes yes(so happy)thank you jesus,thank you Lord(boldly written on the phone screen,YOU HAVE JUST BEEN OFFERED PROVISIONAL ADMISSION,FACULTY OF BASIC AND MEDICAL SCIENCES,DEPARTMENT OF MEDICINE AND SURGICAL SCIENCES)
Damilola-didn’t I tell you
Adesuwa-(she started shedding tears of joy and dancing and singing tripletaneously)He HAS done it,He has done it,my God has done it(she picks her phone and dials her dad’s number) hello daddy
Dr Rufai-hello Adesuwa
Adesuwa-daddy gues what
Dr Rufai-what my queen
Adesuwa-I have just been offered admission to study medicine and surgery daddy
Dr Rufai-wow wow,congratulations my baby,I trust you,this calls for celebration
Adesuwa-yes daddy,a big one at that
Dr Rufai-so where are you now
Adesuwa-am at home sir
Dr rufai-come to my office by 4pm,so that we can go out together to celebrate it,any place of your choice,my doctor
Adesuwa-thank you daddy,I will come by 4.bye daddy, I love you sir.
Dr Rufai-I love you too doctor adesuwa rufai
Adesuwa-(to Damilola)dammy thank you so much,I really appreciates it
Damilola-what are we friends for,besides that,you should be thanking God,he gave you the admission not me
Adesuwa-abi nah,now we both in the same school,not only you,we will even stay in the same house
Damilola-adesuwa,let me be honest with you,the house rent is what is still delaying me at home,that school off campus house rent is expensive,is too much,kilode
Adesuwa-don’t worry,I will talk to daddy about it,its no big deal if we stay together,abi what do you think
Damilola-I will be so happy,thank you very much dearie
Adesuwa-stop that jare,am so happy,I love this school,they are the best,seriously,this is my dream school
Damilola -wait,but you said the school Is useless before,how come they are the best now
Adesuwa -that was then see now.they are the best,abeg
Damilola -na u sabi,so wetin dey house,man pikin won die of hunger
Adesuwa -lets go to the kitchen,you will eat whatever you want to eat,am so happy(they both enter the kitchen)

Light fade

Episode 2 drops on this Same platform on Monday 5th September 2016.

Keep Anticipating!

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