Lol: Iranian guy beats Davido in Atlanta

So Davido decided to do a little tour in Atlanta Georgia USA but somehow forgot that he had stepped out of Nigeria where his antics go unpunished. He made to pull one of his usual stunts there and got beaten like a helpless little thief.

Reports have it that the troublesome DMW boss visited a certain restaurant in Atlanta called Lagos Restaurant and Juice Bar to have a good meal alongside his crew. After his meal, he rose with his crew and moved towards the back door of the restaurant to smoke weed like he did some time ago in another foreign country and went scot free.

As he moved towards the back door, an Iranian attendant in the restaurant who lacks knowledge of who Davido is, stopped the singer and directed him to the front door, telling him that smoking is prohibited in the restaurant and can only be done outside the premises. As usual, David lashed out at the guy and they got physical. However, the guy won.

The video of the showdown has been kept from trending on social media. However, a couple of photos revealed Davido outside the restaurant with a torn shirt. Davido met his match this time around. Lol.

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