Madrid Mayor Manuela Carmena, compares Trump to Hitler

The mayor of Madrid, Manuela Carmena, has commenced the “Plenum of Madrid” during which she made a bizarre comparison between to Donald Trump and Late German Dictator Adolf Hitler. She also warned that “silence is sometimes guilty” as happened with the genocides that were also driven by a democratically elected president, referring to Adolf Hitler.

Carmena has warned that “silence is sometimes guilty” and that “the greatest human rights violations of the 21st century” are being given by a government chosen by the citizens, as happened with the genocides, in reference to Adolf Hitler. All this after this weekend Trump has banned the entry into the United States of citizens from several Arab countries, which has provoked numerous protests by authorities and citizens.

Carmena’s statements have been supported by the applause of PSOE and Citizens, whose spokesmen have also made mention of Trump. Purification CausapiĆ©, of the PSOE, has called for the defense of freedom and democracy.

Nevertheless, the spokeswoman of the PP, Esperanza Aguirre, has rejected “with the maximum forcefulness” the words of Carmena in its first intervention. “There are a lot of things I do not like,” Aguirre said in relation to Trump, but he considered that it is not appropriate “to give lessons from Europe, where the worst totalitarianisms have been born.”

These comments has since generated controversies on social media as many seem to agree with her views about U.S Most controversial president Donald Trump.

Here is a photo a twitter user posted where analysis about Hitler and Trump was made:

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