Meet Nigerian Lady who is making name for herself in the Male-dominated painting profession (Exclusive interview)


Following her recent success and recent award of excellence, we caught up with the young and industrious Miss Adedolapo Bakare, the highly gifted  female painter and designer who got into limelight after some of her paintings surfaced on the Internet.

Interviewer: Afternoon miss Dolapo.

My name is Olajire Damilola Muyideen but you can easily call me smiling

TRAILBLAZER: Good afternoon Sir.

Interviewer : We would love you to give us a brief introduction of yourself

TRAILBLAZER: Hmm.. I am bakare ADEDOLAPO RACHEAL, i am an Igbomina lady who hail from Yaru town in Kwara state


Interviwer: Good We see Kwara state will be proud of having your type from their origination

TRAILBLAZER: And i hope to make Kwara proud always.


Interviewer: Now, how is it with Trailblazers Painting, we want you tell us more about this, for we have been seeing your beautiful work everywhere across the news and social media and it triggered us all a surprise that you are a Lady who does paintings.  Please we want to know more.

TRAILBLAZER: Hummm. Thank you very much sir, Trailblazer Painting got born less than 4 years ago.. Well, i have always believed the world is a big virgin forest waiting for people with potentials to explore and leave their footprints in the sand of time and this is why I want to carve my name in gold.” INDEED WHAT A MAN CAN DO, A WOMAN CAN PRODUCE THE BEST RESULT OF IT”.that has always being my belief, also in every disappointment, there is always a blessing.

TRAILBLAZER: I felt the need to paint my room few years back and i paid a painter to deliver his service, to cut the whole story short, he disappointed and i had to angrily get my money,go to the market and get paints, then i painted and designed my room, it was a wow!

TRAILBLAZER: Then….. I realised i could do it.

Interviewer: But now we all know that in every hook and crannies of life lies challenges.

Firstly, how has it been with the challenge of you doing what a man does, how have you faired with questions from your environs?And are your family in total support of this challenging career?

Interviewer: So also how do you fair with masculine folks who are trying to come closer to you despite your career?


TRAILBLAZER: Thank you sir, right from time, they all call me jack of all trades so, they weren’t really surprised  that i added painting to all i have got in my cupboard but they were just concerned about me striking balance, specifically my law career.. So, if there is any reason why my immediate family will complain, it would be because of my education but to God be the glory, there hasn’t been any real problem


TRAILBLAZER: And you know, getting to do what a man is known to be engaged in, you cant expect it to be sweet but my zeal, determination has kept me moving not even remembering its a Man’s job


Interviewer: Now, how is the stand of your career and your academics?

TRAILBLAZER: Smiles, well if they are coming as friends, they are welcome.. But if as something else, there is time for everything and when the time is right and ripe, God will settle all.

Interviewer : Where do you see your career in the next 5 years ma?

TRAILBLAZER: All are potentials i believe.. They have all being embedded in me and if i fail to bring out even a single one, i am sure God won’t like that too well.
To satisfy God, to satisfy my spirit, to create a change in my immediately environ and the world at large, all is required.

Interviewer: I know you still young and versatile, I hope you won’t trade your career for something else?


TRAILBLAZER: None of what i do should affect my education and infact i am ready to pend anything to get my law carrier back on track.

TRAILBLAZER: Alive but beyond this world😅😅..
Only God can tell better but i know each passing day, i am going higher. So if i say beyond this world in 5 years time, its not an exaggeration.

TRAILBLAZER: I don’t see that coming in fact because it isn’t coming for real.

Interviewer: Good. And may God be with you and make your journey life perfect into his own perfect plans.

TRAILBLAZER: Amen.. And you too

Interviewer: Now, any words for those who are still trying to fit into such shoes of yours?

TRAILBLAZER: Yeahhh.. Much to say but to be concise….

TRAILBLAZER: To females like me first, I realized we females have gone a long way in pigeonholing ourselves thinking we can’t do it.Although, I have been insulted, embarrassed and intimidated by strong people but I have as well been encouraged, motivated and gingered by stronger people.
I am not where I want to be yet, I‘m still in the making because I am tirelessly and relentlessly undergoing some refinement to take me to my destination knowing truly well that God will crown my efforts.
NOW, to every young, vibrant and ambitious person out there, be creative, be productive, be fruitful, locate your God-given talents so you can function effectively to fulfill your purpose.Tell yourselves as I told myself “HOW CAN THE SKY BE MY LIMIT WHEN THERE IS PEOPLE’S FOOTPRINTS ON THE MOON? ”

Interviewer: Wow. Thankful for this ma’am, I am sure someone will be aided through their indecisiveness of life out there


TRAILBLAZER: I hope so too sir.

Interviewer: Thank you for the time Miss Bakare Adedolapo Rachael.


Do have a stress free day. We wish all the best in your career and beyond


TRAILBLAZER: Amen sir, thank you very much too.. God bless you sir

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