Miss Anambra, Chidinma Okeke: What a Man can do, Cucumber Can Do Better – Abdulsalam Abdulfatah Liberty Esq

One asks if it is happening in our world or another world…? Miss Anambra State is caught displaying a social character that is far below the standard of the beast or any class of lower animal.

In the popular shameful video, she is satisfying herself sexually with a fruit called cucumber. A fruit that is as big as the head of a new baby. Miss Anambra has such a widen virginal that will need not expand whenever a new baby would slip out of her virginal.

The creation of human being is novel and perfect; sex was not created by nature without reason… It is such a social habit that is created by God for reproduction alone. The meeting between opposite sex is made so attractive so that procreation can be made attractive. This,simple biology will tell you, you don’t need to read any of the holy books before you know.

Sometimes among the population of our class as animal, we have number and different category of mad people who act contrary to the obvious common sense. The mad people often do things in a way that is contrary to social norms. They appear in the public naked. But they never walk with their head and abandon their legs.
I personally wonder how a peculiar morally mad prostitute became Miss Anambra in the first place. I quickly draw my attention to the fact that the beauty contest in this age is not but the assembly and parade of prostitutes.
It is painful that we have these species of lowest animal in our society, lower than the goats and dogs. How I wish the law permit and my opinion metamorphosis to law, but I doubt if law can permit, people that desecrate humanity in this manner as exhibited by Miss Anambra deserve to be killed.

As if it is a feature of inferior animal in the skin of “girls” to become a “dust bin” for every man that comes with money… It is sardonic that girls in the class of Chidinma Adaobi are presented as the face of Anambra. Girls who do not realize that lady of class are intelligent, educated and honourably engaged with a man as required by every rational formulae of God.
The promoters of social madness will only promote social corruption that will present the likes of Chidima Adaobi as Miss Anamba. If this dirty pig, tagged Miss Anambra does not represent what womanhood stands for in Anambra State, I expect them to speak out, to condemn her and all those involved in “miss madness”.

“Miss anywhere”… if there will be any, should be based on internal and external beauty… Intelligence and modesty should cover 50 percent of any reasonable beauty contest I opine. This entire social manner that profanes humanity does not fit in Africa, particularly it is strange in Nigeria.
If I have my way, people like Chidima Adaobi are not meant to live in the mist of human being… They deserve an isolated habitat far from where human being lives.
Some other group of people are organizing similar event, such as “Miss Osun”, I say emphatically that your idea is not welcome… In what capacity can you organize girls most of them “Osho girls” and at the end of your nudity fiesta, you present one Olosho who you have all tasted as Miss Osun or Miss Kwara. I think we need to call attention of appropriate authority to this.

****** The above article have been edited in a bid to limit the use of very Strong words as it was used by the writer” Kaybaba.com won’t be liable for any criticism the article may generate.

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