Nigerian Students Tackle Boko Haram In Yobe

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Courageous students

pursued and apprehended a

fleeing terrorist on Saturday

after their school was attacked

by the terror group, The

Guardian reports.

Terrorists had descended on the

College of Administration and

Business Studies in Potiskum,

Yobe State yesterday around 8

a.m firing shots sporadically.

One terrorists, according to

reports, saw himself running

out of ammunition and blew

himself up.

“What happened this morning at

the college was that after its

premises was bombed by one of

the suicide bombers, sporadic

shootings ensued, but some

gallant residents and students

were able to arrest the fleeing

suspect, and arrested him before

handing him to our men in

Potiskum,” the state’s

Commissioner of Police, Mr

Marcus Danladi said.

He added that of the 17 students

injured in the blast and

shootings, three died of gunshot

wounds on their way to the

Federal MedicalvCentre (FMC),

Nguru for treatment.

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