“I did not start with a First Class Grade point ” – A.B.U (Kongo Campus) Best Graduating Student

Our team caught up with the Best graduating student of Ahmadu Bello Zaria (A.B.U), Kongo Campus. We asked to understand and inspire other readers on how he made this feat. Born Aliu Abdullateef, a first class graduate of accounting from the prestigious A.B.U shared insights with us. Read excerpts from the interview below:

Kaybaba Can we meet you sir?

Aliu Abdullateef : I am Aliu Abdullateef Eleran by name, an indigene of Ilorin, Kwara state. I attended Islahu-deen Black and White Nursery and Primary School between 1999-2004, then proceeded to Ansarul Islam Sec. Sch. Ilorin where I finished 2011. I started my A-level programme (IJMB) in Kwara State College of Education Sch. of Basic and Remedial Studies in 2013 and gained admission in to prestigious Ahmadu Bello University to study Accounting before the end of the programme.

Kaybaba : How do you see the success; as the Kongo Campus of ABU Zaria best graduating student?

Aliu Abdullateef : Alhadullilah, I thank Almighty Allah for His blessings, favour and guidance on me. I consider the success a big blessing from Allah because it’s just His grace.

Kaybaba : How did you make it to the in the Department?

Aliu Abdullateef : Really, I didn’t start with a first class GP and I wasn’t even thinking of graduating with it at first though I always believe any feat is achievable. I started thinking of it when I was in second semester 200level when my results started to improve and I was really was determined and prayerful. Glory be to God, today I happen to be the be the best graduating student in Kongo Campus with CGPA of 4.78.

Kaybaba: How did you develop yourself toward performing this great?

Aliu Abdullateef : Indeed, I was motivated by my parents, mentors to work hard, pray harder and always identify and make use of opportunities I had.

Kaybaba: What challenge(s) did you face toward achieving this?

Aliu Abdullateef : At first, adjusting my self to the new environment was the challenge, constraints like financial background, being in the midst of students with different orientations and habits, needs for necessary facilities to make the environment more condusive and many more.

Kaybaba: We believed these challenges in one way or the other might have tried weighing you down, then, who’re your motivators?

Aliu Abdullateef : My motivators are quite many but among them are my parents, my brother as well my mentor in person of Mr. Aliu Olanrewaju Atanda, my Cousins Mr Adeen Mashood, Mr. Adeshola Nurudeen and my brother friends Alatare Muftau and Ayinde Wasiu.

Kaybaba: What do you have for the Youths out there willing to achieve great like you?

Aliu Abdullateef : My advice to the Youths is to be determined, work hard, pray harder and stay guided.

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