OAU Accounting students Rep council members fight during meeting (Photos)


The crisis rocking the Accounting Students Representative Council (ASRC) OAU chapter reached its zenith yesterday when the Parliamentary sitting was turned to a fighting stage by the honourables and executive members over power tussle and constitutional matters.

The brawl started last Friday when the parliament summoned the association\’s President, Adeoba Vincent to give a report on the  state of the association & NISEL, a program the association organised in January which generated millions of naira for the association.


The President, while speaking on the floor of the house, was interrupted several times by the  speaker and also accused of dressing unofficially by Hon. Moses. Adeoba felt insulted by the conduct of some of the honourables and consequently walked out of the floor over what he regarded as  disrespect for the office of the president by the speaker and some honourable members.
President Adeoba said:\” I was in the floor to represent the the generality of Management and Accounting students\’ interests in the house, and I deserve to be respected because I wasn\’t accused of any misappropriation  of funds\”.
For the perceived act of disrespect by the President, the parliamentarian ordered him to write an apology letter to the house. The president  in turn demanded that the parliamentarian should write a letter of apology to the office of the executive.
Meanwhile, another sitting held yesterday 21st February, 2015 ended in deadlock as the speaker pronounced the Director of Socials, Tunde Animashaun, suspended over ill manner towards the speaker and the house. The DOS was earlier asked to excuse the house for some minutes when he raised a constitutional matter and he refused to do.
Immediately the DOS got suspended some galleria in the house also posited that some members of the house be suspended for misbehaving during recess, though the maze is still in the house. After the speaker listen to this, he also raised the motion that the General Secretary Oladotun Oladiti, be suspended for disrupting the sitting continuation after recess.
Hon. Tunde, A student Union Rep speaking with LFB said- On the chaos that erupted, grudges in the heart of the ASRC and the Executive member led to this, and the speaker caused it. \”He has lots to learn on Parliamentary sitting\”. He said.
Another galleria and Editor in Chief of the echoes of accounting Ibikunle Akingbade, has also showed his grievances over a honourable in part 1 constituency Hon. Rasak, over his behavior towards the president. How will he have done that? He said.
Afeez Lasisi, The Nation campus life reporter was almost beaten for doing his job. The journalist was taking pics to report when some honourable members the like of Hon. Fetuga, and Hon. Abdullah attacked him and pushed him to the window to have broken some loafers at the law lecture theatre.

Meanwhile the NUASA president has offered to bear the cost of the breakage, the act of the Honourables was very bad and on called for Afeez said.

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