#Opinion : Kwara APC shall rise again by Kayode Oyin-Zubair

The process to return our party, the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Kwara State to the path of honor and respect has began and we will work harder to achieve it.

The task is achievable though not without attendant resistance from the nihilists.

However, let me ask, who dressed Tunji Sulyman Buhari in a borrowed robe?

I read his jaundiced reaction to my earlier warning to the leadership of our great party in Nigeria -Kwara APC: Where are you admitted?; full of illogical assumptions, lacking in coherence and reasoning but a pedestrian conjectures best for the incinerator.

The young man is an example of why Nigerians think the youths are not ready to take up leadership in the country. What has he written -a verbose seeking patronage through unbridled loyalty?

I could see the young man laboring without success to set me on a permanent collision course with Dr. Bukola Saraki, his wife and Senator Rafiu Ibrahim. This is unwise for an opportunist like the young lad to undertake.

There is absolutely nothing personal between me, Dr. Bukola Saraki, Senator Rafiu Ibrahim and even the governor. Our positions on governance, party administration and other issues may differ but we are certainly not arch enemies.

If Tunji ever attended an English Language class or was an intelligent pupil, he would have a little understanding of Comprehension. That I described the recall gale in Kwara South as ridiculous and irritating should be enough for him to understand that I detest it. How on earth is kneeling down for a benefactor and leader constitute an offense weighty enough to attract recalling? I inquired.

If the leader of the house of assembly was accused of not moving motions, who then moved motions in a house? I still maintain.

The 2014 merger was a sort of contraption which didn’t allow for enough studies of personalities, otherwise how would an unstable, attention seeker and nihilist like Tunji be able to successfully project the image of a big party like ours.

It is important to restate all issues raised in my last warning to the party leadership in Nigeria that All Progressives Congress, APC in Kwara State should be rushed to the Intensive Care Unit of any standard hospital. The party has been suffocated by sycophants, nihilists and kwashiokor -politicians that are opportuned to lead her in attempt to eke living.

The governor recently exclaimed that he suffers from bunch of praise singers that condensed his environment. The facts again:

After serial noise on radio and on every available medium that Kwara State is a conquered territory of a particular group, why would a combination of Mr. Bibire Ajape and Mrs. Sarah Adebayo suffer a humiliating defeat in Ilorin East?

Tunji Sulyman Buhari couldn’t deliver his local government to a party that has not only threw him up but enhances his economy. Tunji lost 2 wards of Ibagun and Sango in a family election like local government elections. What a shame?

It is on record that Kayode Oyin-Zubair worked tirelessly with other patriots in Igbaja, a ripple that was felt in other places that deliver Ifelodun local government 100% to the All Progressives Congress (APC).

If you so much believe in APC and the national leadership, tell the world why you inscribe a group’s name on electronics and furnitures at the secretariat of APC in Kwara State?

My brother, Tunji effortlessly grouped himself along personalities I have disparaged in the past. What an insult! Imagine you, of all maggots in the toilet. What’s your pedigree? I challenge you to a public debate on party administration, politics, governance and sundry issues.

I will continue to turk sense in the drifting lots that have seized the party leadership in the state. Recall my role in the restoration of Abiodun Baba when you were out to annihilate him through your kangaroo court in the party, use of security and later a fathom charge in court. Biodun Baba trounced you and your theatre group at that time. Were you not surprised when 33 lawyers stood in his defense? Your lawyer did not even know that ACJA has not been domesticated in Kwara State.

We can’t sit and watch mediocrity promoted to the high heavens here. It will benefit no one. It’s your ilk that have caused and attracted odium to the senate president, Dr. Bukola Saraki. You have done him more evil than good.

I have volunteered to take my brother who has demonstrated zero knowledge of public relations, a one week tutorial on public speaking, logical engagement and comportment in public office.

Let me recap that consistency and an identifiable pattern of life does a man everything good. Please recall Tunji Buhari’s article of 2013/01/16, about 6 years ago on why Kwara State government shouldn’t buy additional aircrafts for the unyielding Aviation College, you will be surprised on how a man’s character diminished exponentially.

In another interview he granted in 2014 in the wake of the merger that produced APC check how he reasoned then and infer, how he becomes so deteriorated in logical reasoning.

Since I joined politics, I have not only been consistent but on the side of good governance, progressive politics and sacrifice for the down trodden.

Goal-Getter Initiatives is our vehicle for ameliorating suffering of households in the Kwara State that your demi-gods plunged us into since 1992. Have you not seen what about 22 Kwarans home and abroad to repair water sources in the state? We will do more! Unfortunately, the players of our backwardness, that made us to be served water in tankers in 21st century are still in government today.

Caucus for Progressive Change (CPC) is our organ and force within the Kwara State chapter of the APC to wash the dirt you brought into the party. We shall be more than active in the coming days.

Tunji will soon answer to the criminal charge of kidnapping on his neck. Why he kidnapped Ahmed Buhari in the premises of high court in Ilorin? Your hatred for Kayode Oyin-Zubair has driven you to criminality. You will help the police further at the Zone 8 Lokoja, after your matter was transferred from Kwara State command, where you made useful statement.

While we are working to unravel the fake name -Abdullahi Sadiq Agaka that authored the petition sent to DSS headquarters in Abuja last year attempting to frame me and other distinguished sons of Ilorin like Professor Shuaib Oba Abdulraheem in a pseudo Kwara Avenger meeting, it will be safe to finger the regular retrogressive forces as behind the failed plot. The DSS being a responsible organization saw through the plot and promptly threw the cancerous petition away. Hear it, no where in the world has evil triumphed over good.

This is to reiterate our earlier position and assurance to party members that better days are coming, the maraunders will be checked and will own the party you labored for again.

Pray, work and walk for justice in Kwara State APC.

Kayode Oyin-Zubair

Member, Caucus for Progressive Change,
All Progressives Congress (APC),
Kwara State chapter, Ilorin

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