PHOTO: 24-yr-old American Pilot Steals Plane, Disappears Over Pacific Ocean

William McAdams

A California flight instructor’s puzzling disappearance

continues to baffle investigators 11 days after he stole

a plane and vanished over the Pacific Ocean.

“It’s a mystery, and it will continue to be until

something pops,” Palo Alto police Sgt. Brian Philip told

the Daily News.

Pilot William McAdams was last seen on May 8 at an

airport in Palo Alto. Surveillance video showed the 24-

year-old between 1 and 2 a.m. before he slipped off

with his employer’s Cessna G1000 Skyhawk.

A faint radar blip registered later about 70 miles off

the California coast, but it wasn’t strong enough to

pinpoint a location, NY Daily News reports.

And then he was gone — literally off the radar. He left

no note, and police have turned up nothing as they

stalk his social media accounts, cellphone records and

bank accounts for any sign of activity.

“There’s not enough for us to even know where to

search,” Philip said.

McAdams was arrested in April on serious charges in

Florida. He pleaded not guilty to aggravated battery

with a deadly weapon, false imprisonment and

misdemeanor battery and was released on $16,000

bail on April 27.

McAdams is due back in court on June 2, if anyone

can find him.

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