kenyan police clamp down on protesters

Photo: Kenyan Police Officers Caught On Camera Giving A Female Protester A Dog Beating In Broad Daylight

kenyan police clamp down on protesters

Protests in Kenya have become like social events, they happen on a daily basis. But ever since we started witnessing them never have come across a case whereby the police is seen hitting or mishandling a woman protester.

However this changed yesterday when Boniface and his team took to the streets in the # KnockOutCorruption protest.

My assumption is that the group was trying to shed light to the big elephant dragging our economy down the drain but sadly their cry was met with tear gas and a whole lot more. broad

A few protesters got beaten and arrested for ‘violating’ the law and peace in the city.

From the few photos making rounds on social media a certain lady is seen getting beaten by male police officers without any mercy as she was among the group protesting.

Sure they were doing their job, but when it comes to handling a woman like a fellow man then it changes the whole scene.

Here are the photos:




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