Photo: Sacrilege Happening in India

India gay and lesbians

In India today, A strange phenomenon is playing out. Gay

men are now punished by being forced to have sex with

their mothers, lesbians raped by their brothers to ‘Cure’


A gay man was forced to have sex with his mother while

lesbians are being raped by their cousins to ‘cure’ their

homosexuality, according to a gay rights groups in India.

‘Corrective rapes‘ are said to be carried out by the victim’s

own family members in a desperate bid for ‘straight’


The parents will arrange the rape and handpick a relative –

usually a cousin – to carry out the heinous act, claim the

crisis intervention team of LGBT Collective in Telangana,

southern India.

But in one shocking case, there are reports of family

members in Bangalore forcing a gay boy to have sex with

his mother to ‘cure‘ him.

In another incident, a young lesbian was raped by her

cousin, while there are reports that sometimes victims’

own brothers are used to carry out the ‘corrective rape.’

The horrific crimes are so traumatising for their victims,

they often go unreported, said a spokesman for the LGBT

Collective told Times of India.

The group say they have had at least 15 ‘corrective rapes’

reported to them in the last five years.

In many cases in southern India, a girl may have been

promised to one of her cousins at birth so it is her

betrothed that is brought in to carry out the ‘corrective


“If it is found out that she is in a relationship with another

girl, elders in the family believe having sex with the ‘would-

be’, even if it’s forcibly, will cure her,” the spokesman told

Times of India.

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