Photos: Kim Kardashian Banned Selfies at her Selfie Book Signing


Her new book features over 400 pages of selfies she’s

taken for nearly a decade. But Kim Kardashian didn’t want

her adoring fans taking their own self-taken snapshots

while plugging the new hardcover.

The 34-year-old reportedly banned selfies at her book

signing at the Barnes & Noble on Fifth Avenue in New York

City on Tuesday. According to a Wednesday report from

Yahoo, the restriction was likely enforced to keep the long

line moving as some followers even camped out for the

chance to meet her on Monday night, while the wife of

Kanye West partied the night away at the Met Gala.

Upon arrival at the event held at the bookstore, Kim posed

for photos as she held up her new hardcover portrait

photography book, which released on Tuesday. And as

usual, Kim flaunted her famous curves in a stunning white


More pictures below:



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