PHOTOS: See How Ondo People Are Appeasing The gods Over Strange Epidemic Disease



What happened to the Public Health? A community of Ondo

state is reported to have today begun the process of cleansing

their land in a bid to appease the gods over a plague believed to

have been brought to them by some persons who desecrated

and stole from their shrine. The deadly illness that hit the

community has killed at least 14 people so far.

The Ondo state commissioner for Information had earlier

announced that the illness and sudden death is connected to an

exhumed corpse. That the people who’ve died so far were those

who had contact with the people who exhumed the corpse. But

some people believe it is more than simply possible contact

with pathogens in a decomposing body.


These people have claimed that the strange ailment has some

spiritual undertones, and is not really a medical epidemic. They

say some people sold the deity/oracle/idol that is being

worshipped in the town for a sum of N20million to some

whites. After the deal was done, the Oracle started visiting

those involved in the deal as well as the innocents that

ignorantly spent out of the money.

An indigene of the community, who spoke with Dailypost, has

now opened up that it was revealed to the traditional priest that

Malokun goddess worshiped in the community has not been

happy with the people. He alleged that Malokun goddes was

angry at the desecration of its shrine, saying:

“Malokun goddess is angry with us and this has been revealed

by our priests. We have begun the spiritual cleansing with all

women in the town fetching a bucket of water each to pour at

Malokun shrine”.

Meanwhile, the Ondo State Governor, Dr Olusegun Mimiko, has

disclosed that the symptoms observed in Ode-Irele bear no

resemblance to those associated with the Ebola Virus Disease

or any known epidemic disease.

I have many questions, first of which is: what is the role of

public health? Is there a public health guideline in the state

which should govern the actions of the people in the community

in the event of any outbreak? Where are the pathologists, is

there someone researching the symptoms of this so-called

unknown disease?

Most importantly, is it safe for these women to be pouring

water at what could be the source of this outbreak? Are any of

them already infected? Are they a risk to others?

So many questions! But I can only hope that this community’s

low tech way of handling this sorts out the current danger. I

still wish scientists step in so we can figure out the ground zero

and pathogen behind this incident and prevent future


Photo Credits: Facebook

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