Photos:UNILORIN Students Nab Two Thieves During Night Class

Nabbed Unilorin thieves

The University of Ilorin had herbown share of “domestic” thievery when two students were nabbed in their bid to escape after stealing some gadgets.

At about 3:40am, chants of ‘thief’, ‘ole’ were heard from a

very large number of students who were studying overnight

for their next examinations probably that same morning.

Two boys were apprehended by the students, accusing

them of the theft of 2 Mobile Phones which included a New

UNILORIN tablet.

The boys were mobbed by the angry students before taking

them forcefully to the Security Unit who took over the

matter from there.

Judging by the school’s rules and regulations, the penalty

for such act of theft ranges from rustication to possible


See another photo below:

undergraduate thieves kaybaba


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