#Poem: Stories Tears Tell

the poets

Written by a bored but passionate poet…who explored his boredom by seeing optimism in grave situations.

And this is the product of his exploits as he searches for words to express how the puzzle fits in our spent World.

He tagged it  “STORIES TEARS TELL”

Read and Enjoy below:


Consciously or unconsciously,

Wonder why it comes ceaselessly,

Does it pain that endlessly?

Or gladdens the heart so pleasurably?

Or nourishes the eye for it comes too frequently?


Yelling and weeping for the lost of a rare gem,

Wishing miracle could just be a lust,

Hoping all in the past were mere mirage,

Hating that loneliness will become their new partner,

Afraid that sadness will be their embodiment for life,

Nervous of being called a widow or an orphan,

So the tears speak, ‘my dearest is no more’


And to that man,

Who has zillions of NO’s from life,

Hardly is there anyone to be called his friend or family,

Dejected and downcasted he lives,

Head on he faces his rigour,

On to the sky he looks helplessly,

Yelling at his lord for mercy,

But so the tears speak,

After hardship, joy is imminent.


And to the successfuls,

Whose ends have justified their means,

Raising their heads up high,

For their rossy glowing life,

Basking in the euphoria of their hard labour,

Gathering honours just like candies,

But so the tears speak,

Even the riches cry!

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