Revealed! Most Newlyweds Don’t Have Sex On Wedding Nights



It is no news that after wedding ceremony, newlywed

couples usually rush to their bridal suite or hotel room

to have some post-nuptial romantic exercise or sexual

congress. It is usually one night too many   usually anticipate.

Mainly for the romp in the sack (great sex), and the

eager consummation of the marriage that follows that

long and enduring expectation is usually historic and


According to some religious beliefs, people are not

expected to have sexual intercourse until they are

legally married, hence, the high sexual plans and

expectation built around the wedding night cannot be


However, in spite of the high expectation and

readiness of either or both parties, studies have shown

that many end up not having sex on the wedding


According to a new survey, 52 per cent of people fail to

consummate their marriage on their wedding night, while 17

per cent didn’t get down to it until three days after the



Perhaps the tradition of wedding night sex is

fading away.

Reasons adduced for this trend include exhaustion,

fatigue, intoxication, physiological stress and

emotional overload. Regardless, weddings are

beautiful and lovely, but they can be exhausting and


One of the studies pointed out that the groom being

too drunk to make love, the bride falling asleep and

couples having arguments during the wedding

ceremony, especially at the reception, were popular

reasons why couples don’t consummate their

marriage. While another study emphasised that the

refusal or inability of many to wait until marriage

before having sex has reduced the significance and

once-upon-a-time importance attached to wedding

night sex.

In this study, a United Kingdom-based stationeries

company, PaperShaker, surveyed 1,000 newlyweds. It

was found that the biggest reason for the decline in

wedding night sex was that many people don’t wait

until marriage to have sex.

In fact, about 16 per cent of the participants admitted

to having more sex since becoming engaged. While 25

per cent said they did not have sex on their wedding

night. Also, about 60 per cent said they slept with two

or more of their wedding guests, more so because

about 30 per cent said they invited their ex-lovers to

their wedding. Men were more guilty of this.

It could be deduced that majority of couples getting

married have already been around the block in the

bedroom together, so the rush to finally do it on their

wedding night isn’t nearly as intense or necessary.

Commenting on the study, a relationship expert, April

Masini, said sex on the wedding night used to

symbolise the end of virginity that was guarded until

marriage unlike now that it has become more

fashionable to have sex before marriage. “Because

sex before marriage is now the norm, the tradition has

lost its meaning, so sex on the wedding night might

not have the significance that it used to,” she said.

In another survey by a money-saving website,

VoucherCodesPro, which involved 2,128 newlyweds, it

was found that more than 52 per cent of the

participants didn’t have sex on their wedding night.

There were many reasons given for this unfulfilled

expectation. These include the bride or the groom

getting drunk, the bride or the groom being too tired

and falling asleep, couples having argument during

wedding reception, travelling to their honeymoon

destination and looking after or being distracted by

their children, for those who already had children

before marriage.

Sorry, no sex tonight!Other reasons given by the

participants include staying up all night partying and

celebrating with guests and that neither of them felt

like having sex, for whatever reason.

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