Senate Endorses Bill That Prescribes Life Imprisonment For Rapists


The Senate has passed a new law metting  out “Life Sentence” to Rapist and other related sex offences.

The Senate on June 3rd passed the Sexual Offences Bill which prescribes life jail for sexual offenders including rape, child sex tourism and people who deliberately infect others with the Human Immuno Virus/Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (HIV/AIDS).

The Bill that was sponsored by the Chairman, Senate Committee on Navy, Senator Chris Anyanwu, is expected to get the concurrence of the House of Representatives on Thursday.

The Bill also prescribed life imprisonment for gang rape and 10 years jail for incest and child pornography respectively or a fine of N2million

Other sexual offences would also attract 14 years jail term.

In addition, the new sexual offences Bill has criminalized acts of people who deliberately lace drinks with drugs with intent to stupefy and sexually abuse them.

It also frowns at having sexual relations with people with mental disabilities, among others.

This will in a lot of ways reduce the dwindle cases related to sexual abuse.

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