Spirit pushed me to kill my neigbour- Suspect


30-year-old Nweke Chinonso, the tragic events of

Sunday, April 19, 2015, could as well be the handiwork

of a spiritual influence or force beyond his control.

“I do not know the spirit that got inside

me that day,” he began.

Chinonso, an Imo State indigene, was calm as he

explained that he should be seen as the victim of a

supernatural force that took control of him and made

him to kill his neighbour, Kunle Abiola.

Chinonso, who is being held at the Department of

Criminal Investigations, Yaba, Lagos, told our

correspondent that he only sat in the front of his

house to relax that Sunday morning when the

deceased and another neighbour came to trouble him.

“I no longer go to church,“I was relaxing

in the front of my apartment at 100, Mba

Street, Ajegunle, when my neighbours,

Ismail and Kunle (Abiola), told me to

join them where they were sitting. I told

them I would not and they started to

foment trouble.

“I did not want to associate with them

because I don’t speak their language

and I can’t trust them. But while they

were troubling me where I sat, Ismail

pinned my arms behind me and Kunle

slapped me.

“Immediately he slapped me, I could not

control myself anymore, it was like I

was on remote control as a spirit

pushed me to go and take a kitchen

knife. I rushed in and took the knife,

came back outside and stabbed Kunle.”

The deceased was stabbed twice – in the chest and

jaw. As incredible as Chinonso’s claim sounded, he

swore he was telling the truth. He explained though,

that Abiola had in the past slapped him for no

concrete reasons.

“There was even a time I went to a

drinking joint in our area and saw him

(Abiola) there. As soon as I sat down,

he came over and challenged me for

coming to the same joint where he

drank. He slapped me right there and I

could not do anything,” Chinonso said.

Asked if there were other issues that could warrant

the alleged harassment he was suffering in the hands

of the deceased, Chinonso told Saturday PUNCH , there

had never been any issue between them.

As soon as Chinonso stabbed Abiola, he slumped and

was rushed to the hospital as blood gushed from his

chest and jaw. Residents instantly restrained

Chinonso, tied him up and beat him as police were

alerted to the incident. Abiola was pronounced dead

on arrival at the hospital

However, residents who spoke with our

correspondent, said Chinonso’s version of the story

was all lies.

A resident, Saheed Adebisi, said the incident started

when a fight broke out between Ismail and Chinonso

but Abiola only attempted to separate them when he

was stabbed.

“Chinonso stabbed him because he

believed that Abiola was on the side of

Ismail,” he said.

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