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TAD Entertainment CEO expresses displeasure over Lack of Support by Event Organisers in Unilorin

The CEO TAD entertainment, Adewunmi Temitope has expressed his displeasure over what he tagged “lack of support from fellow events makers in the university of Ilorin.”

In a publication which was tagged “OUR ENTERTAINMENT HAS GONE ASTRAY”, Mr Tad berated the growing unhealthy competion among students who organise events in University of Ilorin.

Find the full text of the write up below:

“A house divided against itself
Although I’m not a writer, writing is the only way I can voice out my displeasure about happenings in the Unilorin Entertainment Industry. It saddens my heart that our house is very divided because of what I can call selfish interest. We have become myopic that we only have thoughts of today and have failed to think of tomorrow; where we can meet, where we might need to assist one another.
Recently a lot of parties have been holding via Entertainers in the school but most have been done single handedly by the host alone which is not supposed to be. If we check well, Entertainers/ Entertainment brands are the only ones who don’t support eachother while writers, musicians, bloggers and the rest do. So why Entertainers? This evening something that put me in shock came in contact with my eyes as there was a broadcast message indirectly shading another event for tonight just because the composer or committee behind their publicity is trying to have people attend there party.

I feel this is very wrong and I’ll show my displeasure. A Yoruba axiom explains that the sky is wide enough for the biggest of birds to fly and there isn’t false in it. I believe if we come together, supporting ourselves and trying our possible best to ensure successes are recorded, without necessarily ‘slying’ ourselves, life will be easier for all of us.
Please and please let’s stop the shading and running down of one another as it’ll only cause more problems in the Entertainment Industry.


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