TECH TODAY: Is this why Jumia and Konga may soon go extinct?

When you talk about the largest online mall in Nigeria today, and you want to crown the king of E-commerce, Jumia and Konga are sure to be high contenders. They have over time, garnered a very large percentage of the market share to themselves. However, we might see all these come crashing down if proper care is not taken, and if my predictions are right.

Very recently, there have been an upward surge in the emergence of E-commerce platforms, and one thing unique about all of them is that they have decided to pick a niche and stick to it. At this point, let me note that I see Jumia and Konga as jacks of all trades and a master of none.

The likes of Obeezi (fashion), Slot, FemtechIT (phones and gadgets), and many other E-commerce platforms that have concentrated on a niche are gaining a whole lot of customers and orders. If I want to buy a jean in a physical market, I’d rather go to a shop where they sell all jean (because the price is likely to be cheaper there), than go to one which sells other forms of clothing too. This would be the undoing of Konga and Jumia.

It would surely come to a period where all the niches Jumia and Konga currently service would have a platform (or more) that concentrates solely on them, and customers would surely give preference to these platforms as it appears more fine tuned to their needs.

When there is an E-commerce platform that concentrates mainly on food products, another of phones only, another on fashion, and more like that, the general Jumia and competitors Konga will surely be deserted for all these concentrates, at least that is what I feel.

Please note that this is not aimed at bringing down another man’s business, but just an outpour of opinions. What do you think?

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