Teenager who escape being R*ped by ISIS shares her story


\”Aria\” is only 15 years of age, she told her story about how she was almost being raped and how her friends were r*ped

 Six weeks ago her family piled into their neighbor\’s car in the early morning hours,following a report they heard ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) was coming and they were desperately trying to escape from their home in Sinjar. They got on the road, but a convoy of vehicles with black flags flying drove past them. They thought they had got away until minutes later when at least seven ISIS vehicles appeared on the road, surrounding them.

\”They forced them out of the car,\” said Aria. \”The girls and women were separated from the men including her 19-year-old brother. But they only took the girls forcing them into a minivan she said\’\’

From Sinjar, Aria, her 14-year-old sister-in-law and a handful of other girls were driven 120 kilometers to the ISIS stronghold of Mosul — Iraq\’s second largest city captured by militants back in June. They were taken to a three-story house where they were locked with dozens of other teenage girls who\’d been captured.

\”In Mosul they tried to make them change their faith and religion.Read our Quran!They commanded A couple of the girls said, \’\’they never went to school – they can\’t read.\’ they couldn\’t understand the Quran.\”

For more than three weeks, Aria stayed there under horrific conditions. During this time, a sheik came and collected 20 girls including her 14-year-old sister-in-law.

\”He forced himself on her. she was so scared. A lot of her friends were raped. It\’s hard to talk about -she said.

Sexual abuse is a taboo subject in this culture and to admit being a victim is unheard of.

You can read the full story from CNN

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