UNILORIN 2014 SUG Election Registration Updates


This is an important notice to all \”THE BETTER BY FAR STUDENTS\”.

If you have registered before or you are yet to register. Please re-visit the E-VOTING portal for the newly updated registration procedure.

The registration has been made easier and more secure.

Simply supply your Matric Number, your next of kins name as you supplied it while registering on your portal, and your Next of kin\’s Phone Number.

Here is the information as published on the E-voting portal:

The E-voting System you are about to use has been provided through the Independent Students\’ Electoral Commission for use in the 2014/2015 Student Union Elections. It has been carefully revised to ensure a higher level of security and credibility when used in our election process and we have no doubt it would result in an effective, fair and painless election for all. So we implore you all to make use of the system in casting your votes. To access the system, you would need to have your Matriculation Number and a password that you would receive after successful registration. Be well-acquainted with your personal details as found in the University Portal. You would need those details during registration. The registration process is simple and intuitive and no longer requires use of your university e-mail address. Please note that many cannot register on the system because their date of birth has not been correctly set. If you have a similar issue, please come to the office of the DSA and your details would be corrected. Attempting to do this on your own would not yield any positive result.

After successful registration, you will be given a four digit number which serves as your PIN.

You are advised to keep this Pin save cos it will be required during the voting Exercise

Please remember to act quickly on this information as the registration will end on 27th of may 2014.

Please share this important update with your friends.

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