Unilorin commences post UTME screening today (Read Tips and guidelines)

The University of Ilorin has commenced her screening test for applicants today Monday, September 11th 2017. Registration started 2 weeks ago and it’s expected to still be on till Wednesday.

The screening will last for a week after which provision will be made for some students whom JAMB is yet to send their details to the school due to change of institution.

We wish all applicants the best and below are some tips that can help you excel in the test.

1: Avoid going late to the screening.. In fact it’s advisable to be at the center at least 2 hours before. Most times, they will call the next batch once the previous ones are done. So They might not follow the time on your slip.

2: Dress decently especially the ladies.. Avoid any form of dressings that may put you in difficult situations. Unilorin do not cordone indecent dressings. Please steer clear.

3. Once you are in the hall, make sure you calm down, shrug off the tension and pray. One of the main reasons people fail Unilorin post UTME is the tension they always carry with them.

4. Log in to the computers using your details. It’s usually your JAMB reg numbers with your surname as password.

5. Be calm again.. As this is the most important segment. Read the questions thoroughly and Never assume you already know the questions and then pick any answer you are familiar with.

6. Read each question as quickly as possible and pick the most suitable answer. The pume usually comprises of Use of English, Current affairs, Basic Science and General test of knowledge. It’s usually simple only that the anxiety and rumours that exists seems to be the main reason for failure among applicants.

7. ONCE you read a question and you do not know the answer, try read again and if you are yet to decipher which is correct among the options, Please click on Next and go to other questions you may know. Come back to the questions. You will see unanswered questions marked in red (The question Numbers). You can navigate to the unanswered questions by clicking on the question number displayed in red. It will take you to the page without you clicking on Next or Previous which can be time wasting.

8. After you are done ensure you check whether you have answered all the questions by checking the right hand corner of the screen where questions answered and questions given are displayed. Ensure the two tallies (I.e You have Answered 40 out of 40 questions). Pls try and answer all. Even if you don’t know it. Guessing is allowed. Since there is no negative marking. Analyse the question and pick an answer that you think is most sensible to you. At least you have a 25% chance of getting it correctly.

9. Click on SUBMIT if you still have more than a minute in the time given if not, wait till the end of the already counting down clock. It will submit automatically for you.

10. Ensure you write attendance. It’s very important. Don’t hurry and leave without signing it.

Last but not the least.. PRAY.

The entire Kaybaba.com team wishes you success in the test.

You may reach out to us via 08133130185. Or sending us a mail via :info@kaybaba.com

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