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UNILORIN Students launches online cab-hailing platform to ease transportation

A cab hailing platform, Stamz enterprise has recently launched in the better by far university of Ilorin, Kwara state. The ‘uber-like’ platform aims to ease student’s transportation. It is no news that the transportation system in the university of Ilorin is not at its best shape.

The platform, is headed by a student of the university, Sheidu Mohammed Habib, from the department of microbiology. Even more encouraging is the fact that all other members on its team are students of the university.

Upon their launch, stamz enterprise has been receiving bookings from students of the university, “though low, but orders are increasing”, said the managing director, Sheidu.

According to him, the platform has up to 40 registered cabs under its brand and the numbers are increasing. He said that the enterprise hopes to expand first with the local cabs operating on campus, then as time goes on, they would acquire their own cabs.

The Kaybaba team would bring to readers a full detailed interview with the founders in subsequent times.

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