WHO Declares Liberia Ebola Free

Ebola free Liberia

This is really Good News. I’m so Happy for Liberia after the dreaded EVD nearly tore the country apart. The World Health Organization (WHO) has declared Liberia

free of the Ebola virus, as the country has had no new

cases in 42 days.

Last September, Liberia was seeing 400 cases a week, with

hospitals full and bodies lying in the streets. A public health

campaign was launched to stem the epidemic, and the last

confirmed death was on 27 March. The Ebola outbreak has

claimed over 11,000 lives in the region, and remains active

in Guinea and Sierra Leone.

BBC reports that President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf is

celebrating. She is due to take a bus tour around the capital

thanking healthcare workers and community people in a

victory parade. She also indicated how traumatised she

and the nation remain. “Even today if you hear an

ambulance siren you shake a little bit,” she said.

Sirleaf also expects her counterparts in Guinea and Sierra

Leone to call to congratulate her on her victory. Officials

say it was collective effort and resilience that eventually

conquered Ebola

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