Why Ali Baba didn’t make my top 5 comedians list-Basketmouth on ”The Truth”

the truth with basket mouth

In a new episode of ‘The Truth” with Olisa, ace

comedian,Basketmouth was asked to name his top 5

Nigerian comedians.He listed

Gandoki,Bovi,Buchi,Okey Bakkasi,Aj Baba..

When a surprised Olisa asked why names like Ali

Baba, AY,Julius weren’t on the list, he said he would

have included them if he could name 10..When probed

further on why veteran comedian,Ali Baba was

omitted,he said

For me, I don’t like putting Ali baba on

the same level.When he was grooming

me,we went for a burial and Ali said,

look around, crack 5 jokes with

everything you have seen.I tried but

could only crack one.Ali Baba then told

me to listen,he cracked jokes with

everything and gave me all the jokes..So

that is something else.

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