Xenophobia: Nigerian Men are Snatching our Wives – South African Politician


What an “convincing” excuse for killing foreigners in your land ! (or what do you think?).

A renowned South African politician has stated one of the reasons why his “folks” instigated attacks on Nigerians living in their country.  He claimed Nigerian men has been snatching their wives & girlfriends

“South African politician, Makashule Gana, has said that

some of his compatriots complained to him that they are

angry with Nigerians and other immigrants because they

snatched their girlfriends”

Gana, a Deputy Federal Chairperson of Democratic Alliance,

made this disclosure at an anti-xenophobia rally, held at

Constitution Hill.

South African newspaper, City Press, reports that Gana

advised that rather than get angry and take the anger out

on foreigners, South African men should “provide” properly

for women, instead of lashing out at non-nationals for

“stealing” women away.

“If you can’t speak to a girl, now all of a sudden a

man that comes from Zimbabwe or Nigeria that can

speak to a girl now must be killed. What is that?

So I ask my fellow brothers from South Africa, if

you want a woman please go speak up, don’t go

around and killing someone from Nigeria because

they can speak up for themselves. Speak out

because it is important,” he told the crowd.

Gana urged the crowd at the rally to spread the message of

not taking part in xenophobic attacks to “our wives,

girlfriends, boyfriends, makhwaphenis (secret lovers),

neighbours and brothers”. He also urged South Africans to

look at themselves and not blame non-nationals for

stealing their jobs when these jobs didn’t exist in the first


“Go and start a spaza shop,” advised Gana.


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